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Five tips for updating your home on a budget

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

If you have been wanting to transform your home, but you have a limited budget; this is for you!

Your home should be a place that inspires you. Your home should be a place that you walk into and feel refreshed. If you are feeling uninspired to say the least, this post may be just what you need. This is for those of you that want to update your home, but you have a limited budget to do so.

First, let's talk about decluttering and how to do so. Start room by room and work your way through your home. Get rid of everything that you haven't used in at least six months. You will be replacing that space with more eye catching decor like greenery, end tables with books/magazines, or design worthy art. Once you have decluttered your home, you have won half the battle. If decluttering is not your thing, there are services that will come to your home and do it for you!

Next, it's time to start making your budget friendly updates. Let's start with the most popular one, painting your kitchen cabinets. This is a great way to take your kitchen from outdated to trendy and stylish. If you are just looking for a neutral color, white will be your best friend. If you are more of the creative type and looking to take a little more risk; we like dark green, blue, or even black. If you do choose one of the more edgy colors, make sure the rest of your kitchen (countertops, fixtures, appliances) compliments that. You can paint your cabinets yourself for around $300-$500 depending on the size of your kitchen, or you can pay a professional to paint them for around $2,000-$4,000.

Once your kitchen has been updated, it is time to finish your updates with some new furniture/decor. Your budget may be minimal now, but that's okay. If you really want to make a big change that's also affordable, adding an area rug will help bring a dull space to life. You can purchase beautiful rugs for any design on Once you have your new rug, we can focus on the walls. Adding wall art can warm up any space and make your house feel like home. If you need help finding which pieces ill look best in your space, check out

Painting is our fourth tip. If your home hasn't been updated in several years, painting will totally transform your space. Painting your walls a neutral color like white will allow you to have a more broad range of colors in your decor. If you are wanting to use a specific color, make sure that your decor compliments that. Allow yourself to be open minded and search around for inspiration before making a decision on a paint color.

Last but not least, your exterior. You will not want to walk through your front door if you don't even like pulling up to your home. Curb appeal is very important. Landscaping is a budget friendly way to make your exterior look more appealing. You can do this for around $300-$500. This is a great DIY project that you can do on a Saturday that really can spruce up the exterior of your home. Landscaping is also a great way to add subtle color to your home. Adding window boxes with flowers will also make your home look more charming and will look great with your yard landscaping. You can purchase these here -

That's it, you have just made significant changes to your home that now make you feel more inspired and actually excited to walk through your front door. Your home should be a place that comforts you and is a gathering place for community. We hope this has been beneficial to you. Tag us on instagram @thekilbycollective with your home renovations.

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