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5 Tips for selling your home during the holidays.

I know what you may have heard, selling your home in the winter months is not a good idea. That's why I am going to share with you 5 tips that will help your home standout over the others during the holiday season.

ONE : Keep it simple + minimal when decorating for the holidays.

The decorations you choose have a huge impact on the presentation of your home. Exterior decorations affect your curb appeal greatly. We all love the movie "Christmas Vacation"... We just don't want our homes looking like they are owned by Clark. I reccommend adding just a simple wreath and clear lights along the roof line and porch posts.

TWO : Keep the landscaping manicured as you do in the summer months.

Trust me, I know it may be tempting to neglect the landscaping during the winter months; however, this is very important for your curb appeal. This is the first thing that people see when driving by your home. This will be a major help when marketing your home and presenting it to potential buyers.

THREE : Don't use colorful decorations.

When decorating the interior of your home, stay neutral. This will keep your home looking fresh + clean and will help buyers imagine their furniture in the space. When a room has too many colors (colored Christmas lights, wreaths, etc.) it can be hard for others to visualize what the room looks like empty. I have added a small list of my favorite interior decorations. Links to these items will be under the photo.


FOUR : Leave the wood signs in the attic.

We all know that wood signs with catch phrases have been "trendy" or "cute" in the past years, but let's leave them in the past years. They tend to clutter the home and busy up a space leaving no room for buyer imagination.

FIVE : Keep your home smelling good.

Just as important as the look, the smell of your home will either attract or push away homebuyers. I recommend a light scent that isn't too overbearing - like a well branded candle that also compliments your styling.

All photos were taken by and property of Josh Kilby + The Kilby Collective. Please feel free to save + pin these photos on Pinterest. Thank you to everyone who reads and shares!

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